Way to Value

A programme to renew your product offerings and create more value for you and your customers.

Your challenges


Do you know what your customers truly value? 


Do your product features deliver what your customers value?


Do you deliver value to your customers better than the competition?


Are your operating model and supply chain flexible enough to cope with swings in demand?


Do you have a circular operating model covering the entire lifecycle of your products?


Are you struggling to decide what to insource and what to outsource?


Do you know how to operationalise and integrate advanced technologies and methodologies, such as Industry 4.0? 

Our solution

Way to Value (W2V) helps you to rethink the design of your existing products and services so that the perceived value is higher than the price which, in turn, is higher than the cost to deliver it.

We help you to systematically map and prioritise the outcomes your customers expect from your products and services and understand which aspects should be enhanced, minimised or eliminated.

Our Strategy Activation Formula™ will equip you with the skills and the techniques you need to structure the right portfolio of products, features and prices, based on a deep understanding of your customers. We help you to develop and adopt a flexible operating model, implementing innovative technologies and making your supply chain more resilient, sustainable and effective.

How does it work?


W2V Workshops

Creating value is all about people. So first, we gather those employees and customers who will be instrumental in designing the transformation required.

Through facilitated workshops and coaching sessions (in-person and digital), we will apply robust methodologies, such as should-cost analysis and competitor product teardowns, to build your team’s capabilities and a sense of shared ownership.

Your team will co-create your target portfolio, the right value propositions, target cost point, and supply chain design, while our consultants and facilitators oversee their work, ensuring that the methodologies, frameworks and tools are correctly applied.


W2V Digital Toolkit

At the heart of our programme is our unique digital toolkit.

It demystifies complex analysis, industry best practices and management theories, condensing them into a series of engaging digital modules, leading you and your team to the development of a sustainable product portfolio and an agile operating model.

Through the W2V digital toolkit, you feed your knowledge and thinking into simple digital workflows that help you define and prioritise opportunities as well as overcome your operational challenges.


Data, Insights and Knowledge

We carefully assemble data and insights derived from internal sources, industry bodies, customers and the competitive landscape.

Our toolkit is powered by curated insights and data to inform your decision making every step of the W2V process.


Expertise On-demand

At 3HORIZONS, we leverage a wide network of industry experts that are on hand to provide sector-specific knowledge and insights.

They will help you through your Way To Value journey – from baselining, benchmarking and customer value perception analysis, to business process re-engineering and ideal operating model configuration.

Your outcomes

Increased customer Satisfaction

W2V will help you renew your product and service portfolio to better match your customers’ needs, increasing the value they receive.

Enhanced value creation

By optimising your cost and pricing structures and adopting a resilient and sustainable operating model, you too will extract higher value from your products and services.

Upskill your team

We provide training on key frameworks and methodologies, embedding a culture of agility and continuous improvement in your organisation.

Our experience

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