Meet the team

Davide Sola

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Davide is our CEO at 3HORIZONS, leading the development and growth of the business. Davide is Italian and graduated from ESCP Business School (formerly ESCP-EAP) and the University of Turin. He has earned a PhD in enterprise economics from the University of Turin.

Sola is a Full Professor at ESCP Business School, visiting other leading business Schools such as Judge Business School in Cambridge and AALTO Business School in Helsinki.

Davide has 20+ years of experience in strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company and in 3H Partners covering a wide range of industries ranging from Food and Beverage to Healthcare to Energy to Technology and Financial Services.

He is the author of numerous articles, policy papers, book chapters, and case studies and regularly presents at international research conferences. His book “How to think Strategically. Your roadmap to Innovation and results” (co-authored with J. Couturier), published by the Financial Times, was nominated for the prestigious Management book of the Year award by the CMI and British Library.

Davide Sola fluently speaks four languages (French, English, German and Italian). He lives in London with his wife Stella and his three children, Lorenzo Alexander, Edoardo Maximillian and Allegra Grace Sophia. 

Giovanni Scarso Borioli

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Giovanni is our co-founder and co-CEO, leading the Product Development and R&D teams. Giovanni is Italian and holds a PhD in management from UCL and an MSc in engineering.

He is Associate Professor at ESCP Business School and visits a variety of other leading Business Schools, such as ESA, Cotrugli etc. Giovanni is Director of the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation, in partnership with COMAU Academy.

Giovanni has 15+ years of experience in Strategy and Management consulting across various industries and serving Global brands such as Pfizer, Zoetis, Ferrari, Lloyds Register, and High-Value Manufacturing Catapult, many others. He is the author of several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

Giovanni lives in London with his wife Chiara and his two daughters, Mia and Adele.

Nicholas Stylianakis

Head of Professional Services

Nicholas is head of the Professional Services division of 3HORIZONS, as well as being in charge of the company’s office in Nicosia, Cyprus. He is of Cypriot and British descent and grew up in Nicosia.

After serving two years in the Cyprus military, he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Nottingham University, followed by a Master’s in Management from ESCP Europe. He achieved first-class honours in both his degrees.

Following his studies, Nicholas joined 3HORIZONS in 2014 as an intern in London and has risen quickly to senior management ranks. He has led multiple engagements with numerous clients across the world in a wide range of industries, including pharma, telecoms, food & bev, energy, manufacturing, defence and financial services.

Apart from his role in 3HORIZONS, Nicholas is regularly involved in academia, lecturing in strategy at ESCP Europe as well as at both the Swiss and Ascencia Business School, where he is an Associate Professor. Having spent seven years in London, he now splits his time between the UK and Cyprus.

He lives in Nicosia with his wife Emelina and his daughter Ariana. In his free time, he loves watching the Premier League and training for an IronMan.

Filoklis Kotsifis


Since 2015, Filoklis has successfully managed Strategy & Innovation projects for leading companies in a wide range of sectors, such as Energy, Engineering, Financial Services and Pharma.
Kristian Nedyalkov
Project Leader

Kristian is one of our Strategy and Innovation Advisors here at 3HORIZONS. He came from Bulgaria and received his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath.

In the past years, he has led strategy with cutting-edge R&D and innovation services providers and been involved in several others across the manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and financial services industries. Today, Kristian spends most of his time in our product discovery and development unit, working with our software team to continuously improve our digital solutions.
Ben Davis
Project Leader

Ben is a Project Leader and a member of the management team at 3HORIZONS; actively involved in both the day-to-day support and achievement of our clients goals, as well as the direction and growth of our own organisation.

Ben has a background in elite level sport, being a former professional tennis player and U.S. Collegiate athlete. His 20 year tennis career ranged from the being the highest ranked junior player in the United Kingdom and one of the top ranked teenagers globally competing on the ITF Junior Tour, to Grand Slam involvement at Junior Wimbledon and an eventual scholarship and multiple national successes at NCAA Division One institution, Middle Tennessee State University. It was during this tenure in the US that Ben earned a First Class Honours degree in Business & Marketing; being selected to the Conference USA All-Academic Team.

Although serious injury curtailed further sporting ambitions, the self-driven aspect of a professional tennis career juxtaposed with the teamwork philosophy of college athletics enabled Ben to utilise transferable skills to shift into the world of strategy consulting. Ben has more than 7+ years of experience in strategy, starting at an innovative sports tech startup – where he was partnered with Andy Murray and his commercial team at 77 Sports – before developing in strategy consulting specifically for more than 5+ years at 3HORIZONS. Ben has worked across the breadth of the strategy spectrum, also developing specialist skills in the areas of growth and innovation; with which he has worked with blue-chip clients in industries including Telecoms, Technology, Sport, Safe Storage and more. Most recently, Ben has utilised these skills as a Visiting Lecturer at prestigious European Business School ESCP, teaching a Master’s Course in Growth and Innovation Strategy.

Ben is a London native, where he still retains a strong involvement in British and global tennis – as well as shifting his focus to the golf course and supporting his partner’s DJ career.

Luca Dal Porto
Project Leader

Luca is Project Leader at 3HORIZONS, coordinating the consulting team for the duration of an engagement with a client. He was born in Padua, Italy, where he studied economics and obtained his bachelor’s degree …

… before moving to Paris, where he earned a master’s in management from ESSEC Business School.

Since joining 3H in 2019, Luca has developed multiple strategic plans for multinational corporates in the Aerospace & Defense, Publishing and Physical Security sectors and delivered several classes as a guest lecturer at ESCP Business School.

Luca spends his free time playing football and enjoys Real Time Strategy (RTS) video games. He also loves to ski in winter and windsurf in summer.

Saurav Majumder
Project Leader
Saurav is a Project Leader & Software Delivery manager within 3HORIZONS and is also responsible for developing 3HORIZONS’ India operations.

He is an Indian national and after spending the best part of 7 years as a Management Consultant in London, he now resides back in India.

After graduating as an Electronics & Communication engineer in India, Saurav had a short-stint as a software developer before he moved to the UK in 2007 to successfully accomplish his MBA from Cardiff University.

Saurav’s association with 3HORIZONS dates back to 2008 when he came on board as an (the first!) intern analyst in the London office. He had a rapid growth within the organisation, learning new skills under the able leadership & mentoring of Davide and Giovanni. He has successfully delivered multiple projects across a wide spectrum of industry verticals including pharmaceutical, retail, services, multimedia, manufacturing, and e-commerce spanning across a range of geographies like the UK, the EU, the US, and Asia.

He returned to India in 2015 to work on new entrepreneurial ventures and expanding 3H’s global footprint. Saurav was at all times supported and mentored by the 3H ecosystem, in line with the ‘3preneruship’ spirit. He specialises in strategy consulting projects, business technology challenges, rapid prototyping, and management of large-scale digital transformations.

In his current role, he leads strategy and business-technology consulting projects, engaging with senior client stakeholders to help them to achieve their business objectives. Saurav also shares his time as the Software Delivery Manager, where he works closely with the Product Discovery team and Technology partners to continuously innovate & improve 3HORIZONS’ digital product portfolio.

He lives in Kolkata with his wife Shalini, son Aahan, and their two-month old German Shepherd pup, ‘Peanut’. He is a passionate traveller and loves exploring new countries, their culture and cuisine. Family time, good (and often ‘experimental’) food, and watching (and at times playing) cricket give him immense joy.

Nikos Savvidis
Strategy & Innovation Advisor
Nikos is Greek; however, he completed his secondary and higher education in the UK. He holds a BSc from King’s College London and an MSc from Imperial College London.

Prior to joining 3HORIZONS he gained experience through a number of internships in different industries and establishing his own start-up.

Starting out as a business analyst, he has risen to be a senior strategy advisor at 3HORIZONS, utilising his communication, entrepreneurial, and problem-solving skills.

He lives in London with his family and during his free time enjoys playing football, chess, and swimming.

Alessandro Fabbri
Strategy & Innovation Advisor
Alessandro is a Strategy & Innovation Advisor at 3HORIZONS, actively involved in engagements with client projects in a variety of sectors. Alessandro is also a key player in the continuous development effort of our digital products.

He was born in Treviso, Italy, and holds an MSc in Engineering and Management from Politecnico di Torino.

Before joining consulting, he gained professional expertise working in Dubai (Modeling of Complex Systems) and Venice (Event Management and Marketing). Among others, he’s particularly keen on Innovation Management, Product Development and BI/Data Analytics.

Alessandro spends his free time listening to music, travelling and skiing in winter.

Marco Racco
Strategy & Innovation Advisor

Marco is a Strategy and Innovation Advisor at 3HORIZONS. He has been involved in a number of Strategy Formulation projects with clients from a variety of different sectors. 

He comes from Italy and obtained a Master in Management from Bocconi University and ESSEC Business School.

Over his academic and professional career, Marco has lived in 6 countries: Italy, the United States, Singapore, India, France, and the UK.

Michalis Elia
Strategy & Innovation Advisor

Michalis is a Cyprus native and is predominantly based at the 3HORIZONS Cyprus office. He graduated from the University of Bristol with an MEng in Aerospace Engineering. He has engaged with numerous clients across industries while also being involved in the design & development of our website.

He graduated from the University of Bristol with an MEng in Aerospace Engineering. As a Strategy and Innovation Advisor at 3HORIZONS, he has engaged with numerous clients across industries while also being involved in the design & development of our website.

Michalis retains a deep love and passion for all areas of aviation and the aviation industry whilst applying his specific skillset to business challenges across further industries.

As an engineer, Michalis is always intrigued by a problem and its challenges in resolving it. He is fascinated by the data surrounding us and the answers and insights we might carry, hiding in plain sight.

During his free time, he likes to spend time with friends and family and also exercise, most often in the gym, but he also enjoys running in nature.

Richard Barber
Junior Business Analyst

Richard is from Surrey, England. Before coming to 3HORIZONS, Richard studied Accounting and Finance at the University of Southampton. 

In the course of his studies, he covered a range of topics including economics, law, management, strategy, and governance, giving him a holistic understanding of the business landscape, and consequently the tools to excel as a consultant.

Alongside his day-to-day consulting responsibilities, Richard is studying for a Graduate Master’s degree in Management with Q Institute alongside some of his 3HORIZONS colleagues.

A keen fan of sports and music, Richard is also a budding linguist, having been avidly learning Spanish in his spare time for the past 2.5 years.

Byron Bester
Junior Business Analyst
Byron comes from Pretoria, South Africa. Before 3HORIZONS, he gained experience in financial services, working for a global organization. Furthermore, he is a majority shareholder in a FMCG manufacturing company where he was in charge of expanding to South Africa.

His interests are mainly in SME innovation, optimization and expansion, and his experience compliments his daily responsibilities as a Junior Business Analyst.

Byron holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Trade and is currently studying towards a Masters in Management via the 3HORIZONS graduate programme.

He currently resides in Namibia, where he spends his free time pursuing hobbies such as hunting, biking in the dunes and water sports.

Ivan Loginov
Junior Business Analyst

Ivan comes from Moscow, Russia. He grew up living and studying in various places across Europe. Before 3HORIZONS, he studied at UPenn and Exeter, focusing on areas of accounting, finance, economics, behavioural economics, politics, and management. 

Whilst studying for his degree, Ivan applied his knowledge in a breadth of different environments: from interning in the marketing department of a major sports team, to managing a tennis club, to working as an analyst at an investment fund.

He holds a First Class Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Accounting & Finance from the University of Exeter. He finished in the top 5% of his class, receiving a Dean’s Commendation for both of his last two years.

Ivan lives in London and is a keen tennis player, spending most of his free time on the court or in the gym. Having lived in a number of different countries, he speaks three languages and enjoys travelling the world.

Kyriaki Hadjithekli
Junior Business Analyst

Kyriaki comes from Larnaca, Cyprus. Prior to joining 3HORIZONS, she studied Economics at the University of Bristol and gained experience through several impactful internships in tax, financial and risk advisory departments, as well as in audit departments.

These experiences were driven by a keen eye for business analytics and an interest in data trends.

Kyriaki has been involved in SiA projects, as well as being integrally involved in the development of internal research and development projects for the company. In addition, she is studying for a master’s degree in Management with Q Institute via the 3HORIZONS Graduate Programme whilst working from the Cyprus office.

As part of her intense passion for swimming and the ocean, Kyriaki is a trained lifeguard. She was a competitive swimmer for almost 15 years and participated in Pancyprian and European Championships. Moreover, she likes to socialise and attend live music concerts and sporting events in her free time.

Marta Vignetta
Office Manager

A key member of the team who works “behind the scenes” at 3HORIZONS, is our Office Manager, Marta. She looks after our offices in both London and Cyprus, taking care of all admin, HR, and accounting duties.

From a small village outside Turin, Italy, Marta practised her studies in a law firm and an international bank, right after graduating from an economic high school in Turin.

She then decided to move to London few years ago, to push her boundaries and experience new opportunities. Before joining 3HORIZONS, Marta worked in a variety of different environments that honed her skills and gave her a range of great experiences, ultimately helping to build the person that Marta is today.

She loves hanging out with friends, travelling around the world, and listening to music in her free time.

Elisa Bellardi
Marketing Specialist
Elisa comes from Turin, Italy. Before 3HORIZONS, she spent four years in journalism, working for the leading newspaper in Italy. She then worked for seven years as a digital marketer, both as a freelancer and for a communication agency, gaining a wealth of expertise in different areas such as Engineering, Education, Food, Music, and Sports.

She has a deep knowledge of all aspects of marketing such as written communication, SEO, and Google Ads, and uses her experience to oversee the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Elisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature and three Master’s degrees in Investigative Journalism, Communication and Digital Marketing.

She lives in Cambridge with her husband, Riccardo. She likes doing sports (she is a Crossfit addict), travelling the world, and reading in her free time.

Si Chuong Tran
International Development Partner – Vietnam & APAC

Mr Si Chuong Tran is a seasoned independent advisor and mentor for industries, organisations and individuals globally. With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley, as well as advanced degrees from the London School of Economics and Johns Hopkins University.

Tran brings a diverse background and a wealth of experience to the 3HORIZONS and Strategy in Action team.

Tran has held a range of senior and high-level positions throughout his career, including serving as a professional staff member on the Banking Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives and advising national and provincial policy makers on master planning and developmental issues in Vietnam. He has a proven track record in areas such as strategic planning, governance, risk management and financial strategy, making him a valuable asset to our team, as well as our clients.

In addition to his experience, Tran is also an accomplished author, having penned the book “Nói Chuyện Làm Ăn” (On Doing Business) and co-authoring the World Bank/IFC’s first report on Vietnam’s emerging private sector. His academic background, coupled with his passion for mentorship, makes him a well-rounded leader in the industry.

We are proud to have Tran on our team, bringing his expertise and experience to provide top-notch services to our clients.

Hector Truong Binh Nguyen
International Development Partner – Vietnam & APAC
Hector Truong Binh Nguyen is a seasoned strategist with over 15 years of experience in the specialist fields of marketing, planning, IT, and strategy. With a diverse educational background, including an MBA from the University of Wales (MDIS Singapore).

Hector brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and “on the ground” expertise to the 3HORIZONS team.

Hector’s impactful career includes key leadership positions, such as setting up and managing the Planning, Strategy, Information Technology and Marketing Department at Thaco Group (Truong Hai Auto) for 9 years and serving as Marketing Director at Michelin Vietnam and L&A. His extensive industry knowledge across automotive, spare parts, apparel, online business, F&B and food sectors make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Beyond his direct professional accomplishments, Hector also sits on the Board of Directors for Long Dinh Tea Museum and Skale, and is highly sought after as a consultant in strategy, planning, business development and marketing. With a unique perspective and exceptional expertise, Hector is poised to bring tremendous value to our clients.

We are proud to have Hector Truong Binh Nguyen as a member of our team, leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge to drive success in his role moving forward.

Luca Porro
Senior Advisor and Value Added Partner
Luca is a seasoned value-added partner at 3HORIZONS, where he is actively involved in delivering impactful solutions for clients, mainly focused on the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of experience in strategy, M&A, and global marketing at multinational companies, Luca has honed his skills in multiple regions, including Europe, the USA, and China.

His expertise in developing and executing strategic plans, negotiating and closing M&A deals, launching new products, driving commercial excellence initiatives, and managing complex projects is unmatched. Luca is a champion of continuous improvement and a certified Project Manager. Luca holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and an MBA in International Management from ESCP Business School. He is fluent in English and Italian and has advanced proficiency in Spanish. Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Luca currently lives in Milan with his wife Alessandra and son Leone Sole.

In his free time, Luca enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling, sailing in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

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