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Designed by experienced strategy professionals and leading strategy academics, 3HORIZONS deliver the SiA Programme to all businesses. Ranging from large enterprises to medium businesses and SMEs, we help them to charter their path towards growth and efficiently realise their full potential.

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We deliver expertise to organisations by leveraging the Strategy in Action Programme in three different formats:

Who it’s for



Forward thinking companies that have the ambition to grow their business and scale up

The SiA Club Programme is delivered by 3HORIZONS and other Value-Added Partners and Distributors, via online and physical workshops, in cohorts of 10-20 like-minded and non-competing companies


Individual companies or business units that are looking to achieve the next stage of their growth

3HORIZONS delivers the SiA Business Programme to extended leadership teams via a hybrid of online and physical workshops.


Large corporations with several different business units, or subsidiaries that are looking to develop their individual strategies within the framework of the group strategy

The SiA Enterprise Programme is delivered to the extended leadership teams of all business units and subsidiaries together, via a combinations of online and physical workshops facilitated by 3HORIZONS




Number of Facilitated Workshop Days
Number of Online Coaching Sessions
One to One Consulting Support
On Demand

TOTAL PRICE (billed annually)




Want to see a real life example of a SiA Club client journey?

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  • The client and their business challenge
  • Key outputs and impact achieved
  • Key timelines and the team engaged
  • How 3HORIZONS leveraged the SiA Programme
    to deliver increased value to the client


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Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
Yes, you can add users at any time; it will be at a prorated additional cost for each user added.
We accept credit card payments and bank transfers.
Yes, feel free to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

You can cancel your subscription anytime and will not be charged for next year’s fee. Your SiA account will continue to work until your yearly subscription ends.

You can update payment details directly via the Admin panel dashboard of your SiA account. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.
We do not have a free version, but we announce that we will soon have a “Starter” package available later in the year.

Our SME plan offers up to 4 users for Lite and 10 users for Plus.
Our Business and Enterprise plans offer up to 10 users for the Lite and 20 users for the Plus.

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