Strategy activation. Made simple.

Unlock the full potential of your leadership team and reduce the complexity of strategic initiatives through our Strategy Activation Formula™ of technology, data and expert knowledge.

Your challenge

Complex, uncomfortable… crucial.

In today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) the ability to simultaneous design and activate the right strategy is what divides category leaders from also-rans.

Nevertheless, Strategy activation, the discipline of putting strategy into practice, is a complex and multi-faceted process requiring time, specialist tools, data, insights and commitment among your team.

It’s no wonder two-thirds of all business strategies fail to be implemented*.

*67% of well-formulated strategies fail when they are executed (Harvard Business School, 2017)

Our response

The strategy activation formula™

Designed to make strategy activation simple and successful, our Strategy Activation Formula™ provides busy leaders and their teams with enriching and engaging experiences, integrating four elements:

Digital Platforms

to help you solve real-life problems via proprietary digital toolkits that codify complex strategic frameworks and theories.

Workshops (in person and online)

to directly support and engage your teams in the co-creation of solutions while nurturing alignment, commitment and internal capabilities.

Data and Insights

to inform your strategic decision making based on market data and competitive intelligence.

Expertise on-demand

to connect with sector-specific knowledge and insights, as well as flank your teams in the implementation effort.

Our solutions

Practical, outcome-based products for every business

We apply our strategy activation formula™ to the attainment of your strategic and commercial goals. From long term planning to innovation, sales to profitability – our customizable solutions help businesses of any size, either large corporations and SMEs.

Strategic Planning (SiA)

Define and co-create a strategic plan for the entire organization or a single business unit. Use practical, actionable tools included in our digital platform, such as Situation Analysis, Financial Modelling,  Continuous Improvement Plans and others.

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Way To Innovation (W2I)

Develop a strategy specific to innovation and its outputs. Up your game in new product and services development, improve business modelling and prepare for rapid scale.

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Way To Sales (W2S)

Boost your B2B sales effectiveness. Learn and implement outcome-based sales
methodologies and principles. Redesign sales processes and improve training and

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Way To Value (W2V)

Improve the profitability of existing products and services. Simultaneously manipulate the three key levers: specification levels; technical design; and supply and manufacturing

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Way To Execution (W2E)

Give your strategy activation every chance of success. Bind the strategic plan to your
operational budget and deploy relevant OKRs (objectives and key results) across the

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What our clients Say

In their words…

“The 3HORIZONS’ process engaged over 50 people in Gunnebo. Each and everyone contributed to developing a strategy called Gunnebo 2.0 which is now delivering great impact. 3HORIZONS brought a method that made the entire journey a truly transformational one for us.”

Stefan Syren

CEO, Gunnebo

“3HORIZONS’ fun and engaging formula helped us to develop an actionable strategic plan for our South East Asia subsidiaries. The 3HORIZONS’ process is easy to follow, it includes best practices and curated data and insights that allowed us to deliver a highly positive ROI”. 

Andy Ransom

CEO, Rentokil Initial

“The high-quality insights coupled with the digital platform and the superb level of engagement of all the executives involved in the process made the strategic journey not only a very enriching experience but also a very impactful initiative for the ELITE network”.

Marta Testi

CEO, Elite - London Stock Exchange

Who we are

Academic rigour with a passion for business

3HORIZONS is a new, innovative, tech-led strategy consultancy. Founded by former McKinsey consultants and professors at Europe’s leading business schools, it combines deep industry experience with academic excellence and commercial acumen.

With offices around Europe and a wide network of collaborators, the company numbers many of the world’s leading brands among its clients. The 3HORIZONS’ formula™ has been tested across most industries, its benefits vouched for by corporates and SMEs alike.


trained across more than 30 countries.


on strategy and innovation delivered worldwide.

served across the UK, Italy, France, Germany, the USA and Nordics.

£ of client opportunities

discovered via strategic initiatives.


See our formula in action