Strategy activation. Made simple.

Unlock the full potential of your leadership team and simplify your strategy process using our Strategy Activation Formula™ that combines technology, data and expert knowledge.

Your challenge

67% of well-formulated strategies fail during execution*

In today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) the ability to simultaneously design and execute the right strategy is what divides leaders from also-rans.

Strategy activation, the discipline of putting strategy into practice, is a complex and multi-faceted process. It requires time, specialist tools, market-driven data, insights and a committed team.

It’s no wonder two-thirds of all business strategies fail to deliver the expected results*.

* “The Gap Between Strategy and Execution”, Harvard Business Review, 2017.

Our response

The Strategy Activation Formula™

Designed to simplify strategy development and execution, our Strategy Activation Formula™ provides leaders and their teams with a way of maximising the impact and benefits of their strategy whilst driving team learning and team engagement in the process.


Business solutions are co-created by your team to boost engagement and ownership, dramatically increasing your chances of success.


Your team learns new techniques, methods and ideas through our workshops – facilitated by professors at leading global business schools.


We give you access to our unique digital platforms which helps your team rapidly apply what they are learning to their business challenges. 


Our digital platforms deliver relevant data and insights at scale, making it accessible and affordable. 


Our broad network of experts on-demand brings sectoral and industry-specific know-how, allowing us to cover every subject you need. 

Our solutions

Practical, outcome-based programmes for every business

We apply our Strategy Activation Formula™ across a portfolio of expert designed programmes. From long term planning to innovation, sales and profitability – our programmes help businesses of all sizes in all industries.

SIA - Strategy In Action

A programme to co-create and implement a strategic plan for an entire organisation or a single business unit.

Identify the right strategic priorities. Get everyone on board. Develop and activate your strategic plan.

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W2I - Way To Innovation

A programme to identify innovation opportunities, test their potential and scale up rapidly.

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W2S - Way To Sales

A programme to maximise your sales potential, acquire new clients and become their partner of choice.

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W2V - Way To Value

A programme to renew and revitalise your product offerings, creating more value for you and your customers.

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W2E - Way To Execution

A programme to help you get beyond the planning stage by leveraging agile techniques and capabilities to turn strategy into reality and overcome resistance to change.

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What our clients Say

In their words…

Andy Ransom
CEO, Rentokil Initial
format_quote“3HORIZONS fun and engaging formula helped us to develop an actionable strategic plan for our SouthEast Asia subsidiaries. The 3HORIZONS’ process is easy to follow, it includes facilitated workshops, coaching sessions, best practices and curated data and insights that allowed us to focus on execution from day one”.
Dick Elsy
format_quote“ 3HORIZONS stands out in its market. Many strategic planning businesses have a formulaic approach, but the team at 3HORIZONS deploy a unique approach tailored to your company. I run an unusual business, and it did not take them long to really understand it and to add value on our strategy development journey.”
Elisa Andrei
Marketing Director, Galapagos
format_quoteI met 3HORIZONS 10 years ago and it was immediately clear what they were bringing: strategic thinking with the process in mind to have a flawless execution. Their consultancy is open, direct, to the point and with a clear objective of being a partner in the decision. No matter in which field your company is operating, 3HORIZONS can go beyond the knowledge of the area…strategy and process are agnostic!
Stefan Syren
CEO, Gunnebo
format_quoteGunnebo has been working with 3HORIZONS for several years, getting support with strategy development, changing the way we do business. They have engaged all leaders in Gunnebo and helped us to develop a clear and robust strategic path forward. 3HORIZONS brought a method that made the entire journey a truly transformational one for Gunnebo”

Who we are

Academic rigour with a passion for business and entrepreneurship

3HORIZONS is an innovative, tech-led strategy consultancy. Founded by professors at Europe’s leading business schools, it combines deep industry experience with academic excellence and commercial acumen.

With offices around Europe and a wide network of collaborators, the company numbers many of the world’s leading brands among its clients. The 3HORIZONS’ Strategy Activation Formula™ has been tested across most industries, its benefits vouched for by corporates and SMEs alike.


engaged across more than 30 countries.


in strategy and innovation delivered worldwide.


served across EMEA and the USA.

£ of client opportunities

discovered via strategic initiatives.


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