Way To Sales

A programme to maximise your sales potential, acquire new clients and become their partner of choice.

Your challenges


Are you wasting time on customers with low potential?


Are you struggling to convert your most valuable leads into customers?


Are you finding it difficult to balance transactional and consultative opportunities? 


Do you want to grow your share of the wallet but don’t know how?


Is your sales force finding it hard to develop deep, trust-based relationships with customers?

Our solution

3HORIZONS’ Way to Sales (W2S) provides structure, consistency and flair in your sales operations.

Whether you’re looking to exploit new opportunities or improve a struggling team, our Strategy Activation Formula™ gives you the training, digital toolkits, and market-driven insights to positively impact and transform your sales team’s performance.

W2S is an agile process that covers every step of your customer journey, helping you and your team to define the best route to market, increase customer engagement and ultimately achieve your sales target.

How does it work?


W2S Workshops

A series of workshops (digital and in-person) will bring together cross-functional agile teams from Product, Marketing and Sales to co-develop their sales strategy. We will deliver critical competencies including:

  • Agile techniques and tools
  • Customer segmentation
  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Customer analytics
  • Consultative selling techniques

Workshops are organized as sprints, through which participants design and develop campaigns, including content, media and tools, and immediately take these into testing.


W2S Digital Toolkit

An array of digital toolkits will be specially developed or integrated into your current enterprise system. We equip your sales managers and executives with an integrated, structured environment where they can monitor and coordinate their activity.

We cover and address the following areas:

  • Lead generation and territory planning
  • Internal and external communication
  • Agile project management
  • Opportunity qualification
  • Opportunity validation


Data, Insights and Knowledge

We provide curated data and insights about your market and the competitive landscape all the way from international to local level.

We coach your team on how to monitor the pipeline’s progress collaboratively – helping them identify buying patterns as well as successful communication tactics for each customer segment and for every step of your buyers’ journey.


Expertise On-demand

Sometimes implementing an effective sales strategy requires specialist insights.
If the challenge is not something that can be quickly solved in-house, we draw on our pool of experts.

Our strategic advisory partnerships range from top business schools to leading industry experts – allowing us to cover both operational and methodological sales elements as well as industry specific-expertise.

Your outcomes

Sales is all about outcomes. So why should our service to you be measured in any other way? We’ve helped dozens of companies of all shapes and sizes transform their performance.

Lead Generation

Improved targeting with advanced marketing tools for more high-value leads in the pipeline.


Lead Conversion

Better identification and prioritisation of leads. Increased understanding of customer needs helping you address customer needs more accurately.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Better segmentation and targeting means that leads will convert faster, resulting in higher profitability.

Knowledge sharing

Facilitated sharing of tools, systems and critical information, ensuring that all teams are aligned around global best practices.

Consistent performance

Success is reinforced and made self-sustaining by levelling up performance across the whole sales force.

Autonomous teams

We create self-driving, agile teams that span multiple functions to deliver sales in each target territory.

Our experience

W2S in numbers

£ of client opportunities

uncovered via our programme


engaged across Europe, the Middle-east and the USA


delivered worldwide


See our formula in action