Way To Sales

Get more high-value leads. Increase your conversion rate. Be more profitable.

Your challenge…


Are you struggling to get back on track after a difficult year?


Is your sales operation inconsistent, unstructured, outdated?


Are customer-facing teams unaligned or not communicating properly?


Are you truly satisfy your customers’ needs the best way you can?

Our Solution

3HORIZONS’ Way to Sales (W2S) provides structure, consistency and flair to your sales operations.

Whether you’re looking to exploit new opportunities or improve a lacklustre team, our Strategy Activation Formula™ gives you the trainings, the digital toolkits, and the insights to help transform your sales team’s performance with a substantial and sustainable outcome.

W2S’s goal is to build internal sales capabilities by focusing on three main area of your sales process:


Provide best-in-class sales training for consultative sales and sales operations management.


Defining the unmet needs across customer segments.


Providing sales teams with digital engagement toolkits to structure client conversations.

How does it work?


Workshops & Training sessions

Through a series of workshops (digital and physical), we perform a diagnosis of your current go-to-market model to determine which approach and which channel are the best fit.

Next, we share our revised methodology with your team, giving the participants the chance to have a “test” on a simulated commercial opportunity.

Once the new approach is activated, we provide the sales team with weekly support – continuously gathering their feedback and reviewing their work.


Digital Toolkits & Enterprise system Integration

A suite of digital Toolkits will be specifically developed or integrated into your current enterprise system. We equip your sales managers with an integrated, centralized environment where to structure and coordinate the activity of the sales team. Our tools cover and address the following areas:

  • Lead generation
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Project Management
  • Opportunity Qualification
  • Opportunity Validation


Data, Insights & Knowledge sharing among the team

We provide curated data and Insights about your market and the competitive landscape.

We teach your team how to monitor the pipeline’s progress collaboratively – helping them identify buying patterns and successful communication tactics/methods across each segment, persona and each step of your buyers’ journey.

Ultimately, W2S’ participants will learn how to effectively share their knowledge and insights among the team and different business departments.


Expertise on-demand

Sometimes implementing an effective sales strategy need specialist insights.

If the challenge is not something we can quickly solve in-house, we draw on our pool of experts to find a shortlist of promising candidates. We can land you experts on both operational and methodological sales elements as well as industry specific-expertise.

Our strategic advisory partnerships range from top business schools to leading industry experts.

Your Outcome

Sales is all about outcomes. Why should our service be measured any other way? We’ve helped dozens of companies of all shapes and sizes transform their performance.

Lead Generation

Improved targeting and marketing tools mean more high-value leads in the pipeline.


Lead Conversion

Close more deals by correctly identifying, interpreting and addressing customer needs.


Streamline sales processes and focus on commercial activities with the greatest impact.

Knowledge sharing

Tools and systems that make sure critical information is shared with the team.

Consistent performance

Standardised processes mean success is reinforced and self-sustaining.

Autonomous, reliable teams

Sales leaders can rest easy in the knowledge their teams have the systems and resources they need to succeed independently.

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