Strategy In Action

Pick the right battles. Get everyone on board. Activate your plan.

Your challenges


Is your business addressing the right problems?


Are your strategic initiatives crashing on the rocks of operational reality?


Do you struggle to see strategy implemented successfully, on time and on budget?


Are business unit priorities misaligned with your overall strategy?

Our Solution

Strategy In Action (SiA) helps you and your leadership team to simultaneously co-develop and activate your organization’s strategic plan, ensuring the alignment and the commitment of everyone.

Through our Strategy Activation Formula™ of in-person collaboration, technology, data and insights, SiA allows you to monitor the progress of your strategic plan – accelerating, slowing down or replacing initiatives when the market or internal circumstances change.

Our objective is to funnel your internal know-how to shape corporate vision and initiatives. At the same time, we ensure you take full ownership of the process to build your internal capabilities. 


How does it work?


SiA Workshops

Activation is especially about people. So first, we gather those who will be instrumental in implementing the strategy.

Through facilitated workshops and coaching sessions, we build their capabilities and a sense of shared ownership.

We provide trainings (physical and digital) on strategic planning and budgeting. Parallelly, our team of consultants and facilitators oversee the participants’ work, ensuring that the methodologies, frameworks and tools are correctly applied.


SiA Digital Platform

At the heart of SiA is our unique digital platform.

It demystifies complex frameworks, industry best practices and management theories, condensing them into a series of engaging modules.

Your leadership team feed their knowledge and thinking through simple digital workflows to define, prioritize and overcome your problems and business challenges.


Knowledge bank & Insights

The SiA platform is powered with curated insights to inform decision making every step of the way.

We will give the participants access to our extended knowledge bank, supporting the curation of data & insights derived from both internal sources and competitive intelligence.


Expertise on-demand

Sometimes companies need a little extra help. We can lend you expert consultants to make sure things get done right, on time.

Our strategic advisory partnerships range from top business schools to leading industry experts that allow us to gather sector-specific knowledge and insights.

Whether you need a few hours with a seasoned industry veteran or a month with a team of implementation experts, we deliver the on-demand support you need.

Your Outcomes

Resilient, measurable planning that stands the test of time

Some strategy exercises are past their sell-by date before they’re finished. Not ours. Strategy in Action is agile, repeatable, measurable and robust.

Upskill your team

Our process offers you and your colleagues a once-in-a-career learning opportunity. We provide trainings on key analytic frameworks like PORTER and PESTEL. We teach your team how to transform ideas into quick experiments.

Bring colleagues together

Our tools and workshops are designed to foster collaboration and build strong relationships. Co-created solutions embed motivation and commitment, maximising the chances of success.

Our experience

SiA in numbers

Modules Delivered

Executives involved

Opportunities uncovered

Skilled Facilitators

What clients say


“The SiA™ process engaged over 50 people in Gunnebo. Each and everyone contributed to developing a strategy called Gunnebo 2.0 which is now delivering great impact. 3HORIZONS brought a method that made the entire journey a truly transformational one for our Gunnebo.”

Stefan Cyeren
CEO, Gunnebo

What clients say


“3HORIZONS’ fun and engaging formula helped us to develop an actionable strategic plan for our South East Asia subsidiaries. The 3HORIZONS process is easy to follow, it includes best practices and curated data and insights that allowed us delivering a highly positive ROI.”

Andy Ransom
CEO, Rentokil Initial

What clients say


“The high-quality insights coupled with the digital platform and the superb level of engagement of all the executives involved in the process made the SiA™ journey not only a very enriching experience but also a very impactful initiative for the ELITE network.”

Marta Testi
CEO, Elite – London Stock Exchange

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