SIA™ “One-to-Many”

The client

Gunnebo is a €500M revenue multinational corporation headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gunnebo specialises in security products, services and solutions in the areas of cash management, entrance control, safe storage and integrated security.

The need

  • Defining “where to play” and “how to play” for the various units of the Group and challenging the current organizational structure.
  • Establishing a clear vision and business strategy for each of the group’s businesses.
  • Forming and engaging the leadership teams of each of the group’s businesses.
  • Defining a clear roadmap for the implementation of changes needed to instill a new customer-focused and entrepreneurial culture.

The process

  • Engaged with the CEO, the leadership team and senior executives through workshops, resulting in the definition of the Gunnebo 2.0 guidelines.
  • Configured the digital toolkit that would allow the different business units to develop their strategic plans and financial projections.
  • Curated the gathering and analysis of internal and external data to create insights for the strategic plans.
  • Guided the process of identifying core challenges for each business unit and related initiatives and investments.

Achievements & Results


Reorganization of the Group around 3 core independent Business units.

Developed three business unit strategic plans and an overall corporate plan that included the disposal of non-core assets.

Achieved several quick wins both on the revenue and cost side whilst kick-starting the execution phase.


Trained, engaged and “energized” over 50 executives across 3 continents.

“Gunnebo has been working with 3HORIZONS for several years, getting support with strategy development, changing the way we do business. They have engaged all leaders in Gunnebo and helped us to develop a clear and robust strategic path forward. This transformation is delivering great impact. 3HORIZONS brought a method that made the entire journey a truly transformational one for Gunnebo”.

Stefan Syren

CEO, Gunnebo

What comes next

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