SIA™ One-to-Many

The client

ELITE is an international business support program and capital-raising platform launched by the London Stock Exchange for ambitious and fast-growing SMEs.

ELITE connects private companies, giving them access to diverse sources of capital, skills and network needed to drive their growth. More than 1500 companies across 45 countries and 36 sectors have joined the ELITE’s program since 2012, with a significant presence in Italy, UK, Eastern Europe and the United States.

The need

  • Preparing Private Companies to be “investor’s ready” and getting them into the Elite Club Deal platform.
  • Providing each company with a bullet-proof investment pitch that could be scrutinized by the most demanding investors.
  • Increasing the conversion rate of financial transactions.

    The process

    We designed the Strategy Series, an initial 6-month program to support SMEs in defining a sound and investor-ready strategic plan for growth.

    The program included:

    • A dedicated digital toolkit for the development of each SME’s Strategic plan.
    • Physical and online workshops to acquire skills and knowledge whilst developing the Strategic plan.
    • Access to benchmarks and experts on demand for insights and feedback gathering.

    Achievements & Results


    Multi-year strategic and investment plan.


    Deep understanding of the complexity and dynamics of external market forces and their long-term impacts.


    Development of clear commitment to the action plan by the enlarged leadership team.


    Alignment of strategy with current operational processes.


    Development of “replicable” strategic decision-making process and strategy execution capabilities.

    “The high-quality insights coupled with the digital platform and the superb level of engagement of all the executives involved in the process made the SIA™ journey not only a very enriching experience but also a very impactful initiative for the ELITE network.”

    Marta Testi

    CEO, Elite - London Stock Exchange

    What comes next

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