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3HORIZONS is much more than a simple strategy consulting firm.

Our mission is to democratize strategy activation by empowering leaders at any level around the world.

To do this, we blend the rigour of professional management with the actionable knowledge of top academics; fuelled by the power of new technologies and the creative spark of entrepreneurship. A unique mix of competencies that will nurture your appetite for challenges, giving you the necessary tools and mindset to develop mastery in management skills.

At 3HORIZONS, we have created a supportive and diverse work environment, where talented people are encouraged to shine and fulfil their potential.

If you’re ready to grow your career and help leaders innovate and grow better, you’ve come to the right place!

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Our culture and values

Entrepreneurial mindest

We step out of our comfort zone to think unconventionally and act as the owners of the challenges we are hired to solve.

Intellectual passion

We strongly believe in the scientific approach, defined as the ability to go beyond the current status quo and build actionable theories.


At 3HORIZONS you become part of a family, with people you can fully rely on, trust and who will inspire you continuously.


For us, co-creation is a milestone of success. You will learn from different viewpoints and cultural backgrounds, always keeping on top culture of collaboration. 

Extreme Ownership

We always trust our people to make important decisions, giving them constant support and guide them to grow as individuals. 


We encourage working hard to get to a simple solution. We strive to provide our clients with clarity and efficiency across every strategic initiative.

Our people


“The environment and supportive nature of 3HORIZONS have enabled me to contribute and gain a level of autonomy on multiple projects – working closely with the client and seeing the tangible results of our hard work and actions.”

Katie Jagielnicka
Strategy & Innovation Advisor

Our people


“In my first six months working at 3HORIZONS, I have had the opportunity to be involved in a range of different projects, interacting with key stakeholders from the very first week. The work environment at 3H promotes creativity, problem-solving and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Outman Louraoui
Strategy & Innovation Advisor


Direct impact

A real opportunity to create a tangible value for C-level clients, seeing your own projects become a reality.

Steep learning curve

Freedom to think outside the box and act creatively, working either autonomously and as part of an internationally diverse team.

Valuable network

A vast network of intellectual contributions from top academics and actionable knowledge from within the company.

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