Strategy. Activated.

We expertly deliver Strategy in Action (SiA), the first innovative platform and impactful programme proven to increase the success rate of your business strategy.

67% of organisations fail to execute their strategies successfully: in delivering the 3HORIZONS SiA
Programme, we help you to reverse those odds.

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Business strategy that delivers without the hassle.

Create your strategy using proven methods and streamline the workflow during execution, so that you can focus on delivery.

The problem

Strategy is key to the success of every organisation.

Despite all the support and guidance available, many companies still struggle to systematically formulate, execute and monitor their strategy. Strategy is still managed with inadequate tools like spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

The solution

By delivering Strategy in Action, we put your leadership team in a
winning position – leveraging the Programme’s proven strategy
workflow, powerful e-learning library and insightful data, all
augmented by expert strategy workshops.

What’s included in the 3HORIZONS SiA Programme

Find out how the SiA Platform can help you

Included in SiA

Find out how our SiA platform can help you

SiA guides and supports data gathering and analysis and produces actionable insights to support your strategic planning.

SiA streamlines your Strategic planning, helping you choose the right strategic priorities, define Objective and Key Results and initiatives, and simulate the expected benefits, costs and investments.
SiA facilitates the involvement of your organisation in the strategic initiatives, projects and priorities while providing them with clarity on the bigger picture throughout the implementation.
SiA automates the process of monitoring progress and generates review dashboards to enable frequent adjustments to the strategic and operating plans.
Strengthen your company’s knowledge! Discover a vast library of training material: videos, articles, and case studies in bite-size modules for individual learning.

Who is SiA for?

Forward thinking companies that have the ambition to grow their business and scale up
Individual companies or business units that are looking to achieve the next stage of their growth
Large corporations with several different business units, or subsidiaries that are looking to develop their individual strategies within the framework of the group strategy

Ready to get started?

See the the SiA formula in action and find out how we
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