Way To Innovation

A programme to identify innovation opportunities, test their demand quickly and scale up the ones with the highest potential.

Your challenges


Are you finding it difficult to develop a sustained pipeline of innovative ideas?


Are you struggling to generate substantial sales from recently launched products or services?


Is your approach to innovation informal, unstructured and opportunistic?


Does your team see innovation as someone else’s job?

Our solution

3HORIZONS’ Way to Innovation (W2I) allows you to adapt and adopt codified innovation frameworks to embed a culture of constant experimentation within your team and, ultimately, develop a sustainable innovation strategy.

We accelerate the commercialization of your innovative ideas by rapidly testing them through inexpensive experiments.
Our Strategy Activation Formula™ equips your team using workshops and coaching sessions, digital toolkits, market-driven data and insights to quickly build up your internal innovation capabilities.

By leveraging our Innovation Platform, together with the constant support of our innovation experts, you’ll get close support in developing a sustainable pipeline of innovation projects and the ability to keep track of both innovation initiatives and their return on investment.

How does it work?


W2I Workshops

We implement a series of collaborative workshops (in-person and digital) that give you practical guidance on idea generation, opportunities identification and prioritisation – as well as tangible examples of how to develop innovation projects as a team.

Our facilitators and innovation experts will help you broaden collaborations, develop new ideas and validate initiatives at start-up speed.


W2I Digital Platform

We rapidly deploy a dedicated digital workplace, enabling your team members to contribute and collaborate on their innovative ideas, regardless of time and location.

Our innovation platform is built by codifying the most robust innovation theories and best practices. Your team members feed their thinking through a simple digital workflows that help them define and prioritize opportunities, challenges and key innovation ideas.


Data, Insights and Knowledge

Through the Innovation platform you and your team will access curated insights, innovation frameworks and actionable best practices.

The Way to Innovation’s Journey will enable your team to boost the changes of success of your initiatives while tracking their performance and ROI.


Expertise On-demand

Sometimes, a little external support and fresh eyes are needed.

We leverage a wide network of industry experts that are on hand to provide sector-specific knowledge and insights. They will help you through your Way To Innovation’s journey – from idea generation, to market testing and scalability.  

Your outcomes

Accelerate innovation capabilities, at scale

Our workshops are designed to foster collaboration, speed up process and maximise chances of success. Our Platform enables you to rapidly test your innovative ideas while scaling the ones with the most potential.

Develop a pipeline of innovation projects

Our experts help your team develop a pipeline of innovation initiatives within your specific business environment. They will support you step by step – from idea formulation to market testing.

Build your internal innovation muscles

Through W2I participants are constantly exposed to best practices, innovation theories and processes. Our objective is to build your business’s internal capabilities, so you’ll carry on being successful.

Our Experience

W2I in numbers


on innovation delivered worldwide


engaged across Europe, the Middle-East and the USA

£ of client opportunities

discovered via strategic initiatives.


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