Way to Execution

A programme to help you get beyond the planning stage by leveraging agile techniques to execute strategic priorities, overcoming the organisational immunity to change.

Your challenges


Are you stuck with high-level strategic priorities that your teams on the ground struggle to operationalise and execute?


Do you have the right mindset, capabilities, techniques and tools to monitor and manage a focused and timely execution of your plan?


Do you know how to create the necessary transparency and visibility of responsibilities, actions, and results to avoid duplication of work and frustration in the team?


Are you able to drive the necessary commitment across your teams, generate the required capacity and remove barriers to implement change across the organisation?

Our solution

3HORIZONS’ Way to Execution (W2E) cascades down your strategy into actionable, short-term Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and initiatives, connecting your strategy with your budget.

We work with your leadership team to understand barriers to change and equip them with the mindset, capabilities and tools to systematically remove them.

Our Strategy Activation Formula™ blends in-person collaboration and expert coaching together with technology, data and insights. This allows you to devise and deploy 12-month rolling budgets, coupled with a change management approach, which will ultimately allow your organisation to deliver on your strategic priorities.

How does it work?


W2E Workshops

First, we gather the Minimum Viable Organisation (MVO), made up of the people most instrumental in deploying your strategic priorities across functions, hierarchies, and business units, hence breaking down organisational silos. We look at the different leadership personalities and styles to build a balanced mix of visionaries, pragmatics, as well as sceptics.

Through facilitated workshops and coaching sessions (in-person and digital) we help teams and individuals to overcome their immunity to change, boosting their capabilities and building a sense of shared ownership.

Your team will co-create your 12-month rolling execution plan, while our consultants and facilitators oversee their work ensuring that the methodologies, frameworks and tools are correctly applied


W2E Digital Toolkit

At the heart of W2E is our unique digital toolkit.

It demystifies the gathering and structuring of data, complex budgeting processes and multi-layer OKRs, incorporating them in simple to use, digital interfaces and tools, providing you with transparency and control over your organisation. It will also give you access to case studies and best practices that will help you overcome organisational barriers to change.


Data, Insights and Knowledge

The W2E toolkit is powered by curated insights and data that will allow your team, at any point in time, to monitor progress and benchmark it against the best in class.

By continuously diagnosing your organisational immunity to change, you will be able to implement adaptations to your execution plan.


Expertise On-demand

We leverage a wide network of industry and change management experts to provide situational, sector-specific knowledge and insights.

They will help you through your Way To Execution journey – from diagnosing your organisation to building sustainable capabilities within your teams and successfully overcoming barriers to change.

Your outcomes

Successful execution of your strategic priorities

Strategies often remain high-level and directional, failing to provide clarity of focus to allow teams across organisations to execute change in the short term. With W2E, we help you to bridge such gaps and see your strategic priorities through implementation.

Commitment and alignment

While tools and techniques are important in driving execution and change, the ultimate goal is an organisation where everyone – teams and individuals – understands and commits to the strategic priorities. W2E enables everyone to see their actions by cascading objectives across the organisation.

Focus on what matters

Companies and organisations are complex and it is often easy to get lost in multiple conflicting demands and priorities, blurring long-term strategic objectives with operational necessities. W2E helps you to focus on the most efficient, concrete, short-term actions to reach long-term objectives.

What our clients Say

In their words…

Andy Ransom
CEO, Rentokil Initial
format_quote“3HORIZONS fun and engaging formula helped us to develop an actionable strategic plan for our SouthEast Asia subsidiaries. The 3HORIZONS’ process is easy to follow, it includes facilitated workshops, coaching sessions, best practices and curated data and insights that allowed us to focus on execution from day one”.
Dick Elsy
format_quote“ 3HORIZONS stands out in its market. Many strategic planning businesses have a formulaic approach, but the team at 3HORIZONS deploy a unique approach tailored to your company. I run an unusual business, and it did not take them long to really understand it and to add value on our strategy development journey.”
Elisa Andrei
Marketing Director, Galapagos
format_quoteI met 3HORIZONS 10 years ago and it was immediately clear what they were bringing: strategic thinking with the process in mind to have a flawless execution. Their consultancy is open, direct, to the point and with a clear objective of being a partner in the decision. No matter in which field your company is operating, 3HORIZONS can go beyond the knowledge of the area…strategy and process are agnostic!
Stefan Syren
CEO, Gunnebo
format_quoteGunnebo has been working with 3HORIZONS for several years, getting support with strategy development, changing the way we do business. They have engaged all leaders in Gunnebo and helped us to develop a clear and robust strategic path forward. 3HORIZONS brought a method that made the entire journey a truly transformational one for Gunnebo”


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