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Simplifying your work, at scale.


Our strategy activation formula is the product of decades of academic research and real-world business consultancy. The perfect blend of digital efficiency, data-driven insights and in-person collaboration.

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why our formula

Go from strategy to execution easily.

The 3HORIZONS’ formula™ has been designed to support busy leaders with their strategic and managerial challenges.

Through our proprietary digital platforms, integrated with team workshops, coaching sessions, data, insights and expertise on-demand, you will get everything you need to see each and every strategic projects fully implemented – at a fraction of time. 


Boost strategy activation

Digital Platforms

We apply a series of proprietary digital platforms and actionable toolkits to each of our solutions – demystifying complex strategic frameworks and theories in the form of simple I/O (input/output) models.

Our simple toolkits allow leaders to solve problems easily and fast, while keeping the lead and the ownership of the entire process.

Build alignment and commitment

Workshops & Coaching

We gather those who will be instrumental in implementing the strategy to build their capabilities and a sense of shared ownership.

Through facilitated workshops and executive coaching, colleagues learn to co-create, collaborate and communicate. Or, as one client recently put it: “This is where the magic happens.” 

Each of our solutions includes:

  • In-person workshops
  • Online workshops
  • Executive coaching sessions

Inform your decision making

Data & Insights

Our formula involves carefully curated data and insights from inside the business alongside market and competitive intelligence.

We will give you access to our extended knowledge bank, supporting the curation of data & insights to fully inform your decision making at every step of the process.

Engage with indsustry experts

Expertise on-demand

We connect our strategy activation formula™ with industry experts and advisors from multiple domains.

We have strategic partnerships with advisors from top business schools as well as leading industry-experts that allow us to gather insights from a wide range of sectors.

Whether you need a few hours with a seasoned industry veteran or a month with a team of implementation consultants, we deliver the on-demand support you need.


Our solutions

The 3HORIZONS’ formula™ in action

We apply our strategy activation formula™ to the attainment of most of your strategic and commercial goals. From long term planning to execution, sales to innovation and agile products and services development.

SIA - Strategy in action

Define and co-create a strategic plan for the entire organization or a single business unit. Use practical, actionable tools included in our digital platform, such as Situation Analysis, Financial Modelling,  Continuous Improvement Plans and others.

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W2I - Way to Innovation

Develop a strategy specific to innovation and its outputs. Up your game in new product development, improve business modelling and prepare for rapid scale.

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W2S - Way to Sales

Boost your B2B sales effectiveness. Learn and implement outcome-based sales
methodologies and principles. Redesign sales processes and improve training and

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W2V - Way to Value

Improve the profitability of existing products. Simultaneously manipulate the three key levers: specification levels; technical design; and supply and manufacturing

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W2E - Way to Execution

Give your strategy activation every chance of success. Bind the strategic plan to your
operational budget and deploy relevant OKRs (objectives and key results) across the

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